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New Work!
31 Aug 2015 | new: graphics

I have several new peices for everyone. Now that I'm done working on Fangasm, I wanted to make some much needed fan art. First are two older-newer peices. The first one inspired my layout for my Laurel fanlisting, and the second also inspired the layout for the Castle/Beckett FL.

Next we have, 3 DOMINION peices all of some pretty amazing scenes. I haven't done any art for this show since it's first season, and this second one has been absolutely beautiful. If you're not watching, you really should be! If you like Castiel, you definately need to meet these badass angels. Especially brothers Michael & Gabriel. I absolutely love watching these two together whether they're bickering like a married couple, or protecting one another. I also adore Michael & Alex together. The love these two have is more like pure admiration, even after they've betrayed eachother to some degree. I can't rave about this show without mentioning the always amazing Anthony Head who steals every scene he's in, and just plays Crazy so well. And then there are the girls. Sooo many badass girls! Who doesn't love some female badassery?

Michael is absolutely my favorite character, closely followed by Gabriel. Like I said, the two brothers interacting is always a great scene, and there's been soo much of it this season. It doesn't help that both actors are beautiful.

The first DOMINION one is called Break. A scene where Julian is tortuing Michael & Gabriel for revenge of their past. And then we have Die For You. Another of my favorite moments. Alex has come to rescue Michael after he escapes Julian's torture, and it's not fun to see one of your favorite characters hurting and so vulnerable - which brings me to the next peice: Noma, ripping out her own wings after being nailed to a wall, as she desperately tries to save Alex from Julian's torture. All of this was in the span of about 2 episodes.

Seriously, this show is so gorgeous, and well written. I DON'T WANT IT TO END.

- Tina

A Day in the life of me.
25 Aug 2015 | A Day In The Life

I'm a few days late than when I planned to be... But I've had a pretty busy month. By the time I actually had a chance to settle down and relax, I was not up for writing my blog. :/ But anyway, here we go.

I documented my saturday, because I knew that would be pretty eventful. We have a family friend of ours that is newly engaged, and also moving. She's become like an adopted family member to us. So saturday was also her sisters birthday, as well as my aunts. So she decided to throw one big party at her old place to cover everyone, and it was pretty nutty and fun.

My aunt came to our place earlier in the day so my mom and I could do her birthday stuff with her. My mom treated her to a Pedicure, and I made one of my home made body scrubs (sorry, no pic, i was in a rush) and a gag gift - which was an "over-the-hill incontinence diaper kit." The thing with my family is that we love to tease eachother, so we all have a pretty good sense of humour.

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- Tina

the girl on fire
26 Jul 2015 | new: drawings

After weeks of working on this pic, Katniss is finally completed.

It took me some time, because I was trying out a few new techniques. One of them included blending colour pencils with rubbing alcohol. It actually works pretty well, and I love the look it produces. Katniss is not 100% pencil, I did use ink in the hair because it stood out better than dark pencils.

Other than that, not much else to post. I didn't get the job I interviewed for, but that's okay. I've been tossing the idea around about more schooling. So, we'll see what happens.

- Tina

A Day in the life of me.
22 Jul 2015 | A Day In The Life

(a new monthly blog post linkup you can read about here.) So generally in this thing, you're ment to post any day of the month you want, as long as you post something once a month, describing a typical day. Unfrotunately right now, I fall under the my life is boring right now, cliche. Joys of being jobless!
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- Tina

a small post
17 Jul 2015 |

Sorry, it's not art related, but my friend is being harrassed by Facebook because she's Drag. She has two Facebook accounts: One for Drag, the other for her Boy account for family/friends that arent aware. Facebook wants her to verify her Drag account with a Gov ID, or she will remain LOCKED OUT. She's a pillar in the local community, doing a lot of charity work for various causes, especially Rumatoid Arthritis.

So, I've created a little petition. Because it seems to be perfectly okay with Facebook to have Celebirty Posers, Hate Pages, Death Hoax pages, and whatnot.

- Tina

a whole new look!
13 Jul 2015 | site stuff, fangirl moments: new tv shows


Even though I've been MIA for the last few months, I've never left the site. First, I completely revamped my fanlisting collective, FANGASM. It's completely php based and run by listing admin. So if you're here looking for your fanlisting code, just head over to the collective.

This site is also now completely php based, which was a b*tch to learn, but will make my life a lot easier in the long run. ^^
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- Tina

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