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Homework fun. #maya3d #texturing

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21 Nov 2015 | School, Nerd Life | 0 comments Add?

I'm still alive!

Just decided to take a break from my homework, and catch up on some of my own art! I'd been planning to change my layout for a while, I just had no time! So, here's Supergirl for everyone! What do you guys think of this huge contrast from the Halloween layout? ;)

My gosh, school has kept me so unbelievably busy! I am absolutely loving it, though. It's frustrating, it's challenging, but it's so much fun because it's art & Film! I get to play with some pretty awesome HIGH END programs - and best of all - I GOT PHOTOSHOP BACK!! I have a two week break coming up in December, and I plan on adding all of my school projects to the site during that time. I'll be making a separate sub-domain for it. I think the program I'm having the most fun learning, is Nuke. A very high end editing + visual effects software. Learning 3D animation has also been interesting, as well as new drawing styles I've never explored before. We actually have two field trips coming up. One to a local art gallery, and one possibly to EA studio's. Yup.

What to do on a rainy day? ...Homework.

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You guys would LOVE my Digital Imaging class. It's just a big room full of nerds playing in Photoshop with a Star Wars obsessed teacher.

Also, best news of all, I HAVE A NEW COMPUTER!!!!

That's another reason why I've been so quiet. I've had a few issues with it from the start, because I was upgraded to the very buggy windows 10. I've also been in the process of formatting my old laptop that I'm giving to my mom, and having to move all my files to my 1TB (free!!) Flashdrive, and install all my programs again. (BYE BYE GIMP, HELLO PHOTOSHOP!!!!)

So, folks, meet Barry the laptop, cos it's shiny and fast! It's an Asus T500 flipbook!.

It's here!!!! #mynewbaby

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~ Tina

Damn you, Syfy!
14 Oct 2015 | School, Nerd Life | 1 comments Add?

Le sigh. So, unfortunately SyFy cancelled Dominion. No more hot angels. No more Michael & Gabriel beatin' on each other. No more episodic wallpapers. But, at leas that show brought my muse back to me.

PS: Shinkara, I still expect you to binge watch the heck out of this show! :P I need a shoulder to cry on!

I just haven't had a lot of time to update lately. I started my first week of school last week, which went great, but when I finally had a day off, it was also our Thanksgiving weekend. For those of you that don't know, Canada gets ours in Oct. The day can vary, and I don't really know why. But anyway, so it's been a busy week. It still is, actually. I'm writing this in class right now before we start in half an hour. ^^ I've been here pretty early though, just because of my commute time.

So, yeah, things have been going good so far. Classes are great, and my only long day is on Thursdays. Everything else is 4 hour classes in the morning. It's a 2 hour commute for me to get home, though, but at least it's an easy commute.

All week long I've had to draw, and play with some pretty amazing programs: Photoshop CC, Maya, and Nuke, mostly. This mornings class is Basic 3D. The thing I love about this school is that it feels happy. Teachers are good, and I like all of mine. I have about 3 different teachers for 5 classes. One of them is even holding a Star Wars Art Exhibit in December!

The best part is, I get a new laptop soon! I'm planning to get one as soon as my loan & scholarship come through. I've been price checking since I got accepted. The laptop I have is a dinosaur compare to the 2,000$ brand new ones in the school!

Anyway, I just wanted to update you guys, since I've been so quiet. I don't have any new art at the moment, but keep an eye on my Instagram (Or follow me!) I occasionally post pic's of around the school or projects I'm working on. I will eventually also be making a school-projects section later on, once we get past all the introductory basic stuff. ^^

~ Tina

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