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Finally some time for progress on Barry! Why do the photos always make it look so warped?? #wip

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Oh, so many feels
30 Sep 2015 | new: graphics | 2 comments Add?

Oh good lord where do I even begin??

First of all, there's a new layout for Tay's Halloween competition. ^^ Hope it doesn't give you too many nightmares. ;) I LOVE Halloween. Do you guys have costumes already picked out? I usually go with my Star Trek medical outfit. I usually save it for Cosplay (Karl Urban lost his shit when he saw it. ^^) but I occasionally wear it for halloween if I can't think of anything else or I'm just lazy. ;) I wish I had something planned this year for it, but I'll likely be in school. Which reminds me, I START ON FRIDAY!! I'm nervous, and excited, and everything all at once.

So first of all, 3 new wallpapers for you! Skye/Daisy/Quake of SHIELD, and of course two Dominion ones, naturally.

As Dominion finishes off this week *sob*, the majority of my other shows are finally returning! OUAT was great, and can I say I'm already loving our first glimpse of Evil!Emma. Gotham was it's usual nutty self, and it was beautiful. Caskett broke up. And, my beautiful angelboy Michael got his ass handed to him on Dominion - again, that show better get it's wings renewed! - and SHIELD was all kinds of awesome. I'm really trying to get back into more episodic style art again. That's why there's been soo many Dominion ones lately. I'm planning on some OUAT and Gotham pic's soon, though, but I'll probably be finishing off my Barry drawing first, if I can get to it.

And as if my feels haven't been through enough, my little nostalgic guilty pleasure made things even worse. I am loving Girl Meets World. Boy Meets World was my lifeline growing up in the 90's. And, I want to address this particular episode because of it's importance. Bullying. It's one of few shows that hasn't made a sort of mockery of what it feels like.

It doesn't matter what age you are, it's never easy to go through. The funny thing is, the girl that was one of my former bully's back in Elementary school, is now a friend. After I had shared this episode on FB, she even admitted she still finds it strang she even behaved like that. Funny how some people grow. ^^

So, since I start my new course this Friday, I can't promise I'll be as active as I have been in the past. I really don't know what's in store for me. So, I'll do my best. At the very least, I'll keep you guys posted on how the progress is going, and if I have any art to share from school, I'll definitely be posting it. What do you guys think about a section for upcoming school projects?

~ Tina

It's official!
17 Sep 2015 | new: drawings | 1 comments Add?

So, I got a call this afternoon, and I've officially been accepted in to The Art Institute of Vancouver! They still have to call me for my scheduel/orientation, but I'm all set! So, for the next two years (Maybe more) I will be a film student!

I'll be studying special FX, which I chose due to it's large variety of options. Editing, production work, minor physics, drawing, and one thing that I'm really excited about, is Life Drawing with models! I've always wanted to practice that, since I mainly use a refference photo. Life Drawing will be a fun new adventure. ^^

Speaking of drawing, I didn't make a wallpaper this time because I had a few Fanlistings to finish off, but I did make some progress on Barry! He's not finished yet, I'm filming the progress for a new art video. I haven't done a timelapse in a while.

Finally some time for progress on Barry! Why do the photos always make it look so warped?? #wip

A photo posted by Tina (@gsnetart) on

~ Tina

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