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Welcome to glassy-surface.net, the home of alternative rock and guitar rock band Glassy Surface. Glassy Surface has been around for quite some time. We’re not just the band, but we’re also an online platform for guitar and alternative rock bands from all four corners of the United States, both Continental, as well as Hawaii and Alaska, to find a safe, nurturing and resource-intensive space on the Internet. Whether you have just started your band, or you have been around the block for a few times, you know how hard the alternative rock scene may be.

Make no mistake about it; the vast majority of guitar rock outfits never make it outside the garage. You meet on the weekends to play music and practice, maybe doing a lot of covers, but the vast majority of bands like you don’t even get to record an EP, much less an LP, or do some sort of significant release. Such is the nature of amateur and professional guitar music. Despite the fact that America is ground zero for the demand for alternative rock music, this doesn’t, in any way, make things easier on new because it really will boils down to being at the right place.

At the right time and at the right musical historical moment. In other words, it’s like trying to land a 747 jet airplane on the head of a pin. There’s just so many variables to keep in mind. This is why a lot of guitar rock bands, and up-and-coming alternative rock acts should not consider becoming famous as their ultimate goal. Look, instead, to creating great memories. A lot of people might be surprised that I mention great memories instead of great music. After all, a lot of professional musicians would say that you have to hone your craft, or pay your dues.

ROCK Music

This is really measured objectively based on how awesome the music you produce sounds. This all sounds great on paper, but you have to look at the soul of a typical rock concert. What you’re really doing is creating a memory.

That’s what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter how well people play their instruments, if somebody does something wrong, or is just isn’t into it, the event is all too forgettable. Nobody cares about how open, or well, you played. It wouldn’t register with people because you were unable to deliver the kind of result they came for in the first place.

People come to rock concerts because they want something to remember. They want some sort of experience that rises above and beyond what they’re normally accustomed to. This is the great challenge of music acts because if you were to look at the whole alternative rock or greater music industry in the United States, it would be easy to look at it as simply creating the right product at the right time.


Again, those are a lot of variables to keep track of, and your chances of success ultimately continue to diminish with each hurdle you overcome. There’s just so many things to keep on top of, any single variable can get knocked loose, and the result is all too familiar: totally unmemorable events. My whole point here is it whether you are a member of a band that just got formed, or you have been playing gigs throughout the United States for several years now, if you want to be successful in this game, you only really need to focus on one thing. There’s no need to overthink things, or overcomplicate the situation. In fact, if you look at the successful careers of both alternative and mainstream rock acts, they all share one thing in common. They all agreed to just have fun.

ROCK Guitars

By making this their goal, they increase the likelihood that whoever attends their concerts will actually remember what went on. In other words, people will find their performance memorable because the performers themselves had a good time. Did you know that by simply showing up at some sort of public event you impact the event in a massive way? I’m not talking about being the star of the show, or the person who is right-smack in the middle of the spotlight. I’m talking about just another face in the crowd. Multiply that face by thousands of times, and you can bet that whatever mood ranges you have can and will play a significant role in the overall quality of the emotional range people get from the event. Simply put, performances are collaborative in nature.

THE Velvet

Expectations layered on top of each other. It’s not so well delineated and laid out that it can be sliced and diced by a statistician or some sort of social scientist, but you can bet that a lot of this is happening. Moreover, by simply being mindful of it, you can make the performance more memorable than not. A lot of performers are completely clueless about this. They think that putting in a good show simply means practicing at ungodly hours, and just putting in the time. This is how many people are able to convince themselves that they will be the next Eddie Van Halen. Let me tell you; if you think that you are the future incarnation of Eddie Van Halen, then you’ve got another thing coming. You have to understand that, regardless of how proficient you are with the guitar.


The drums, the bass or how amazing and stunning your vocal range may be, you always come up a day late and a buck short when it comes to creating the right memories. The reason is you’re focusing on the impression you can make, and you end up trying too hard.

Instead of having fun and allowing the passion that you have for your craft continue to push you upwards and outwards to keep experimenting, and most importantly to put the call and response dynamic front and center, you miss important details.

You see, great bands that are very memorable are actually often not all that artistic. There are better bass players, far superior guitar players, many and lead singers with better ranges, or countless drummers who could do a better job, but still, these people end up turning in an amazing and all too memorable performance time and time again. The difference between Red Hot Chili Peppers and some no-name, all-too-forgettable band made up of Juilliard graduates is not rendition, nor musical virtuosity and instrument playing perfection. Instead, it’s all about the moment.

It’s like falling in love. When you fall in love with somebody, there’s an electricity or intimacy that’s very deep. You can’t really quite define it, but you can definitely feel it. It speaks to you, and it plays with your emotions in so many levels. That’s the kind of effect you should produce by falling in love with your music first. Let’s put it this way; you cannot give what you don’t have. If you don’t you truly love what you do, the call and response process is not going to radiate that love to the audience, which then bounces back to you.

The reason great performances occur in the first place is because the performers are so excited about their craft that they can’t help but motivate the audience. When the audience is pumped up, it motivates the artists even more, and they radiate even more amazing energy. This back and forth conversation, as far as emotional, psychological and spiritual signals are concerned, becomes an all-too-consuming fire that goes only in one direction, climbs upward and upward.

Furthermore, you can bet that people will get on social media, and rant and rave about how awesome the performance was. That’s how it starts. It’s all about the call and response process, and it cannot be faked. It cannot be simulated, nor does it come in a can. Instead, it comes from the heart. So, when you focus on this, and you fall in love with what you do, everything else is gravy.


Steeping E-Juice the Smart Way

As more and more people try vaping and hop from one e-juice formulation to another, a lot of people are discovering the distinct joys and charms of creating their own e-juice. I can’t say I’m surprised by this. After all, when people drink a lot of beer, it’s only a matter of time until some small population of beer drinkers take the next step and start brewing their own beer.

Maybe they have very discriminating tastes, maybe they’re just curious about the whole beer-making process. Whatever the case may be, they invest the proper amount of time and attention to detail to “get it right”.

The same applies to people coming up with their own hot sauce mix. Others are very particular when it comes to their hard liquor. They prefer to distill their own blend of grains to get a custom alcohol.

The same applies to vaping and e-juice. After all, you can only make do with commercially available formulations for so long if you have specific tastes. You start getting bored, you start looking if there is something else better out there. This is where people start playing around with additives.

One way to do this, of course, is to steep rose petals or anything that has a distinct smell and flavor that is non-toxic. Usually, this is a very natural organic compound. This is not necessarily marijuana, but anything organic. And this steeping process really goes a long way in introducing the range of flavors and scents as well as smells that is very particular to you.

For example, if you’re a person that really likes a certain scent, like jasmine or sandalwood, it would be great to enjoy an e-juice that meets your particular preference. I’m not talking about commercial formulations here. I’m talking about the distinct blend of tastes and smell that is particular to you.

If you’ve decided to take the next step and add a certain flavor or scent element to your e-juice, then you have to figure out how to steep organic materials the right way. This is not as easy as you think. Oftentimes, it involves drying the item first, and then lightly toasting it so that the oils get freed up, and then steeping it in a fairly neutral oil.

Now, what’s “neutral” to one person may not be all that neutral to somebody else. In fact, it might not be all that obvious to that other person. So you have to engage in quite a bit of experimentation here.

This is not like some sort of slam dunk. The moment you think of steeping your own e-juices, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to have a smooth ride. There’s probably going to be a lot of failed experiments along the way. That’s why we advise to buy vape juice or ejuice from Eliquid Depot.

You might want to seriously consider figuring out what to do with the stuff that didn’t work out because the chance of that happening is actually quite high as you try to basically feel your way around to come up with the very best formulation for yourself.