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Glassy-surface.net is a guitar rock and alternative rock clearinghouse for both talent and band information.

Whether you are affiliated with the band Glassy Surface, or you are an alternative rock band trying to cut your teeth on the music scene in your part of the United States, you are more than welcome on this website. We really go out of our way to offer all sorts of resources and materials to help bands, regardless of experience, get the information they need to turn in truly memorable experiences time and time again.

The overarching philosophy behind this website is actually quite simple. Instead of gauging the quality and professionalism of your musical act based on how well you can play your individual instruments, as well as the overall sound that you play, we believe that it goes beyond that. We believe that simply playing well is not enough.

Creating the right sounds at the right time to produce the right effect takes you a large part of the way there, but you’re not fully there. To turn truly memorable experiences that people will continue to rant and rave about for a very long time, you have to fall in love with what you’re doing. You have to be so passionate about putting in the best that it feels like breathing to you.

If you are able to perform at such a high level, you create that call and response effect. People can detect your love and passion. This bounces to the audience, and they can help but reflect back to you. Y can’t help but get excited and pumped up, so the audience sees this again, and they, likewise get excited. This creates this two-way conversation of passion, energy and emotional electricity that people can’t help but remember.

Objectively, the sound system might go bad, or it might even be raining or too cold, but people wouldn’t care because what really matters is the emotional trance that your music put them in. That’s what they will remember. That’s what makes your performance so memorable compared to other bands’ performances.

These other bands may be more technically proficient than your outfit. They may play their instruments better, or have better-sounding songs, but people really wouldn’t care because those types of considerations are a dime a dozen. What people are looking for is the immediacy of the experience. It’s that’s the sort of experience that they can’t quite put their finger on, but they can instantly recognize because it’s so rare. That’s the kind of impact you should aim for because that is what will help you become renowned. That’s what people are searching for.

You have to remember that in today’s popular music landscape, it’s all too easy to dismiss musical acts as essentially interchangeable. In other words, once you’ve listened to some sort of alternative rock, it feels like you’ve listened to them all. The specific sounds may not be all that similar, but the emotional, mental and spiritual perceptions are all too familiar.

This is why a lot of bands really have a tough time making a name for themselves. It’s not because they’re not competent, or they don’t know how to play their instruments well enough. In fact, a lot of them sound really polished and clean. The problem is they’re so polished that they’re indistinguishable from other bands out there.

Keep in mind that in the music business, you’re not selling proficiency or a service. Instead, you are selling and a memory, or an experience. Don’t get it twisted or confused. Unfortunately, focusing too much on the technical details leaves a lot of the soul behind. If you’re serious about taking your musical career to the next level, you have to operate on this basis. Otherwise, it’s too easy for your musical outfit to be just another set of face in the crowd, all too forgettable.