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We need your help. This is a music platform, and just like any platform on the Internet, there are things that are bound to get knocked loose.

We’re constantly adding important information about bands from all four corners of the United States. That even includes Alaska and Hawaii. As you can well imagine, given the tremendous amount of information and details that we offer on this website, there might be incomplete information. There might be information that was valid five years ago, but doesn’t really help anybody today. There might be links that go nowhere. You might get all sorts of errors when you click on the link at the wrong time.

Whatever the specific nature of the problem is, we know that there are going to be challenges up ahead as we put this site together. Still, we did not hesitate to compile all the information to get that went into this website because we know that our mission is crucial. Our overarching mission is to provide a nurturing space for all alternative rock or guitar rock outfits in the United States.

Whether you have been playing professionally for several years now, or you’ve just graduated from the garage, you are welcome here. Feel free to access all the resources we have made available to you, so you can take your act to the next level. With that said, we need your active participation in finding any and all bugs that may be lurking beneath our code.

While we have put in quite a bit of time, effort and energy to make sure that this website is full of content, we really cannot ensure that everything will work perfectly. By using this website, you can help us detect issues that may have fallen between the cracks. Since we are dealing with such a huge volume of information, it’s anybody’s guess, whether this information was formatted properly, or appears correctly. For this, we rely on you. So, all of a big favor, and let us know if there are problematic areas of the website.

Similarly, if you are looking for certain types of information, and you can’t find it on this website, don’t give up. Instead, fill out the form below, reach out to us, and let us know what exactly you are looking for. If you have an initial website that you think when lead to the ultimate answer, don’t hesitate to supply that resource.

While we can’t promise you that will get on top of your issue immediately, rest assured that we will eventually get to it. We do operate on a priority system, and currently our top priority is to make sure this website is, as far as practical, bug-free. As you can well imagine, that’s already a big enough project as it is, but you can be confident in the fact that once our schedule clears, and we have enough resources, we will get to your concerns.

Additionally, if you have resources that you’d like to share, or you think musical acts from all over the world can benefit from such resources, feel free to share them. Whether we’re talking about guitar tabs, musical instruction videos, or any other type of resource that would enable musical acts from all over the United States, as well as the world, to take their skills to a whole other level, feel free to share. Don’t hesitate. You can rest assured we will post such materials as soon as possible.