As more and more people try vaping and hop from one e-juice formulation to another, a lot of people are discovering the distinct joys and charms of creating their own e-juice. I can’t say I’m surprised by this. After all, when people drink a lot of beer, it’s only a matter of time until some small population of beer drinkers take the next step and start brewing their own beer.

Maybe they have very discriminating tastes, maybe they’re just curious about the whole beer-making process. Whatever the case may be, they invest the proper amount of time and attention to detail to “get it right”.

The same applies to people coming up with their own hot sauce mix. Others are very particular when it comes to their hard liquor. They prefer to distill their own blend of grains to get a custom alcohol.

The same applies to vaping and e-juice. After all, you can only make do with commercially available formulations for so long if you have specific tastes. You start getting bored, you start looking if there is something else better out there. This is where people start playing around with additives.

One way to do this, of course, is to steep rose petals or anything that has a distinct smell and flavor that is non-toxic. Usually, this is a very natural organic compound. This is not necessarily marijuana, but anything organic. And this steeping process really goes a long way in introducing the range of flavors and scents as well as smells that is very particular to you.

For example, if you’re a person that really likes a certain scent, like jasmine or sandalwood, it would be great to enjoy an e-juice that meets your particular preference. I’m not talking about commercial formulations here. I’m talking about the distinct blend of tastes and smell that is particular to you.

If you’ve decided to take the next step and add a certain flavor or scent element to your e-juice, then you have to figure out how to steep organic materials the right way. This is not as easy as you think. Oftentimes, it involves drying the item first, and then lightly toasting it so that the oils get freed up, and then steeping it in a fairly neutral oil.

Now, what’s “neutral” to one person may not be all that neutral to somebody else. In fact, it might not be all that obvious to that other person. So you have to engage in quite a bit of experimentation here.

This is not like some sort of slam dunk. The moment you think of steeping your own e-juices, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to have a smooth ride. There’s probably going to be a lot of failed experiments along the way. That’s why we advise to buy vape juice or ejuice from¬†Eliquid Depot.

You might want to seriously consider figuring out what to do with the stuff that didn’t work out because the chance of that happening is actually quite high as you try to basically feel your way around to come up with the very best formulation for yourself.